"Telecomix is a set of principles for political disorganization, that may or may not work." -- so it began.

Telecomix never existed, and so it never ceased to exist -- but now ripples through the datasphere call on us to disorganize once more. We are a group of ex telecomix agents and other internauts brought back together by the perpetual and prevailing power of Datalove.

Telecomix wakes from the waves of cyberslumber. We reemerge from the alluvial plains and reassemble to offer a vision of political disorganization that will redistribute the data to the dispersed networks of our global cnidaria. Through Telecomix, a siphonophoric form appears and then scatters, like drawings in sand soon dispersed by wind. We have shape, but no presence. With no center, we still stand.

Do you desire for Telejuche, the urge to connect self reliant and remote entities? Do you desire a system rooted in Cyphernetics, the theory and practice of Crypto-anarchy? If so, join us. This is not a rigid set of ideology. In fact, we have no ideology -- only an insistent and indomitable desire for action.

The movement is driven by Datalove, even if it is only run and motivated by each individual's energy and skill. There is no data hate. Telecomix knows and has no negation of the desire to allow data to flow freely between self reliant and dispersed individuals and machines. We must only fear tele-fascism. Do not support the cutting of data - the restriction of that which belongs to all. Reject the urge to accept repression. Through Telecomix, you have the opportunity and responsibility to fight for the multiplication, flow, and spread of data for all eternity both in the opaque and endless waters of the internet and the churning dark of a turbulent world.

The internet itself is the assertion that we all deserve access. It is a reiteration of equality, a manifestation of the desire for one human to reach out to another. By interacting, we assert our humanity. By connecting, we validate the humanity of others. Log on, check in, and join the movement. Datalove infuses us all.

Uncertainty is the zeitgeist. The unknown cradles us all. Disorganization is the structure. Listen to the transistor rhythms. Trust the anonymous. Encrypt your heart

-- then send it out.